ECPA Workshop Examines Renewable Energy’s Changing Outlook

ECPA logo27 October 2014: The Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) Clearinghouse organized a workshop examining 'Policies for the Promotion of a Sustainable Energy Sector' for participants from several South American countries, multilateral institutions and civil society organizations (CSOs). The workshop considered drivers behind increased efficiency and lower costs of wind and solar power and considered the infrastructure needed for bringing more renewables onto the grid.

Held on 27 October 2014, in Montevideo, Uruguay, the workshop highlighted that renewable energy infrastructure costs are declining and that renewables can provide off-the-grid, isolated communities with electricity while diversifying the energy mix and fueling low-carbon growth. As discussed at the workshop, an important action item to take advantage of the falling costs and benefits of renewables is mapping the areas with the highest potential for renewable energy generation to maximize efficiency.

Participants debated the best ways, including through renewable energy sources, to improve energy access. A presentation from Uruguay explained how their ministries of environment, energy and housing are working together to tackle the multiple dimensions of energy poverty. Participants agreed to the overall need for a continued exchange of information among countries as they increase energy access and the share of renewables in their energy mix.

This workshop wrapped up a series of four technical workshops organized by ECPA Clearinghouse, which is hosted by the Organization of American States (OAS), over 2013-2014. [ECPA Press Release]

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