International Conference on Energy, Environment and Climate Change (ICEECC 2017)

International Conference on Energy, Environment and Climate Change (ICEECC 2017) 


The International Conference on Energy, Environment and Climate Change (ICEECC 2017) is a multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed international conference on sustainable energy and environment. The conference will focus on energy production and management, green energy, environmental engineering, environmental management, climate change and sustainable development. 


The conference will provide a forum to:


Exchange of latest technical information

Disseminate of the high-quality research results

Present of the new developments in the area

Discuss the future global development on energy access, energy security together with the associated environmental impacts. 


It is believed that this wide range of participants will help to outline the need for integrated approaches towards sustainable development and, hence contribute to the further dissemination of best practice in this field.




ICEECC 2017 will be organized in two main strands:

Strand 1: the displays (poster presentation)

Participating universities, enterprises and research organisations will be able to put-up displays describing their works and projects and to distribute the relevant information to the participants. The displays will be the backbone of the event and will allow close, one-to-one contacts between the participants and the exhibitors.


Strand 2: the presentations (oral presentation)

A set of presentations, will be organised, dealing with issues of strategic value in reviewing the state of art in energy and environment. The presentations will be complemented by a round-table with some key experts. More




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